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Connecting Ultrarunners Across The Globe

International 100+ UltraRunning Foundation

The International 100+ UltraRunning Foundation, Inc., organizes and admins the U.S. Spartathlon Team, working closely with the International Spartathlon Association to ensure a memorable experience of athletes at the Spartathlon

U.S. Spartathlon Team


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Twitter: @spartathlon_us

Email: [email protected]

Feature Events

the 2016 Icarus Florida UltraFest

Past Events

The 2015 Fall Edition offers the following races: 6 Day, 72 Hour, 48 Hour, 24 Hour, 12 Hour.

In 2014 athletes represented 10 countries. 3 new records have been ratified and 1 qualification to the US 24H National Team. What this means for seasoned ultra runners and new runners alike is that the Icarus Florida UltraFest is not just a place to test your limits, but to abandon them.

The course is approximately 1 kilometer loop, certified UASTF and IAAF. The event is USATF sanctioned and carries a Bronze IAU Label.

The 2015 Icarus UltraFest Spring promises great running weather - expected highs of mid 70s and low mid 50s - on a flat almost entirely shaded one kilometer loop course. Set in beautiful Snyder Park. Known for it's tranquil atmosphere, Snyder Park's is a perfect venue - separated from typical race distractions - to come and have a great race, and maybe even attempt a record. The course is USATF and IAAF certified, and is already the home to two multi records and one US 24 hour team qualification. There is one aid station along the course - aid every kilometer - and runners are welcome to set their own aid stations along the course as well. Icarus events are known for their great support, incredibly well stocked aid station, and over the top experience. Come join for a great spring multi day in Ft Lauderdale, Florida!

Icarus Florida UltraFest is an event like no other! Rivaling the quality and organization of the famous Spartathlon race across Greece, Icarus Florida Ultrafest combines the very best of a full 6 day race with everything a true running festival can offer. From 3 hour races to 24 hour races and everything in between, Icarus Florida Ultra fest aims to introduce ultrarunning to the new runner (or marathoner) while also providing a top quality event for seasoned 6 day athletes. The goal is to allow new runners to run side by side top quality ultrarunners and experience a once in a lifetime chance to not only meet some of the sport's top athletes, but run with them as well.

By providing this unique opportunity in a safe and well staffed setting, those interested in ultrarunning can come and run any distance, as all events are timed, and learn just what this wonderful sport has to offer.

Organized by Spartathalon finisher (and second American finisher), and founder of the International 100+ UltraRunning Foundation, Andrei Nana, and the race director for the Run For Aurora, in Aurora Colorado, Claire Nana, the Icarus Florida UltraFest promises to be an epic 6 days of running.

Set in the beautiful climate of Ft Lauderdale, Florida, the Icarus Florida UltraFest promises moderate temperatures with cool ocean breezes during the day, and mild evenings.

For more information about the Icarus Florida UltraFest, please visit


2013 Run For Aurora 50K and 50 Mile Race

For race director and founder of Run With It Racing, Claire Dorotik, running has always given back. Whether it be overcoming personal tragedy -- the loss of her father in 2000 -- or redefining what is truly possible and once again learning that, “limits do not apply” running has been more than just an exercise. Running has been a way of life. “Running teaches you that your behavior matters,” which, as Claire, also a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, notes, is an “essential part of improving overall happiness.”

And so it is fitting then that when in the summer of last year when several people’s lives were forever changed in the Aurora Theater shooting, Claire wanted to find a way to help. “Living across the street from the theater, every day I drove by the memorial and thought, ‘I have to do something’.” So, naturally, the ultra-marathoner returned to what has always helped her -- running -- to give back.

On June 1st, several runners will tackle the tough trails of Roxborough State Park to hopefully complete not just one of two ultra marathons offered -- either 50K or 50 Miles -- but to accomplish something much larger. “Every competitor represents that the community can come together through the powerful experience of running to begin healing,” Dorotik shares. 

The race consists of a 9.46 mile loop that will be run either three times for the 50K or 5 times for the 50 Mile. Runners will pass aid stations two times on each loop and will be supplied with Hammer gels, HEED, water, Bumble bars, fruit, bagels, cookies and candy. The race begins at 7 am, and runners have 12 hours to complete either race.

While every competitor will earn a very cool dry fit shirt commemorating their run, Run With It Racing also promises some fantastic prizes for age category winners. Most of all, however, runners will finish knowing that they made a difference, and Dorotik hopes to that the run will raise $10,000 for the Aurora Theater Shooting Victims.

For more information about Run With It Racing, or the Run For Aurora, visit

Current & Future Events